New webpages online.

On the occasion of the forthcoming release of the next album "Emotional Distances" we have uploaded our new web page with some additional features and full adaption to mobile devices.


The new album is on its way.

Our next and brand new album is completed! The CDs have just left the CD press shop.

The title of the new album is "Emotional Distances" and will contain 11 exciting songs. Compared to the first release "Space And Emotion" it is more orientated to rock sounds and vocal lines. It deals with emotional attitudes experienced by Mario Buchinger within the past years.
Also this time The PYRAMIDIS Project has colaborated with many different musicians. Some of them have already participated in the last album (e.g. Loreno Buss - saxophone, Moni Francis - vocals), some have joined the PYRAMIDIS network the first time.

Check out the latest press release in the MEDIA-section for detailed information.


The Soundtrack for the perfect Skiing Season.

Here in the Austrian Alps we are expecting the beginning of the skiing season. We hope that it will be a nice winter with many opportunities for winter sports. The PYRAMIDIS Project contributes the right sounds therefore: The last year released song "Glacier Experience" comes with powerful beats, ambient sounds and great guitar tunes.

On the occasion of the new skiing season we have established a colaboration with the Kühtai ski resort in Tyrol, a place quite close to us. Kühtai Ski Resort is promoting our latest music video "Glacier Experience" on their webpage. Check it out on and book your skiing holiday!
Our video can also be watched on Bergfex.


Good Bye Germany, Welcome Austria!

We have moved to our new location! Since beginning of this month we have found a wonderful inspiring place in the Austrian Alps.
However, the contact details have changed partly, but the regularly used communication channels, such as email, will stay the same. Please check the CONTACT-section for details.

The first musical steps which took place within our new location were the final recordings of the forthcoming album. Currently the final mix is close to be finished.

More news can be found in our NEWS ARCHIVE.


The PYRAMIDIS Project sets new music standards. The mastermind behind The PYRAMIDIS Project is Mario Buchinger (f.k.a. Mario Kuduz), who has been actively dealing with music as musician and producer for more than 20 years.

Even though radio DJs all over the world have categorised the sound by The PYRAMIDIS Project as Progressive Rock, the newly created genre is named "Soundscaping" as the songs of The PYRAMIDIS Project do not fit into existing patterns of music genres. It combines synthetic sounds layers with other musical elements like guitars, vocals, wind instruments and others and it includes also many influences from other genres such as Rock, Lounge or Jazz.

The result is something which can be expressed as "Soundscapes" originating from the word "Landscapes". The music can be compared with a painting, only the appearance is different: Colours are sounds, canvas is the recording media, eyes are ears, landscapes are soundscapes.

The PYRAMIDIS Project has the aim to create music on a high level, not only when it comes to the music itself but also regarding to the quality of production. Each part of the entire recording is equally important as the underlying composition.

The PYRAMIDIS Project collaborates with musicians from all over the world in a musical network. These different influences have a hearable musical impact on the songs and the overall appearance of the Project. For now, The PYRAMIDIS Project is a studio project, nevertheless bringing the Essential Dimension of Sound on stage is one of the next milestones.




Long-Play Album
Available as CD, Download, Streaming

Release date: October 2nd, 2015




Maxi Single
Available as Download, Streaming

Release date: June 21st, 2013





Long-Play Album
Available as CD, Download, Streaming

Release date: April 19th, 2013






June 2015

Press Release "Emotional Distances" (English)
The official press release about the forthcoming album "Emotional Distances".

June 2015

Press Release "Emotional Distances" (German)
The official press release about the forthcoming album "Emotional Distances".

April 2015

Band Info Sheet (English)
One page containing all basic information about The PYRAMIDIS Project.

April 2015

Band Info Sheet (German)
One page containing all basic information about The PYRAMIDIS Project.

June 2013

Review "Space And Emotion" (German)
Allgäuer Zeitung - by courtesy of Allgäuer Zeitung.

June 2013

Review "Space And Emotion" (German)
Musix - by courtesy of Musix.


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