The PYRAMIDIS family is growing!

A new record label named PYRAMIDIS Audio will promote our music from now on. PYRAMIDIS Audio is not just a record label, it is concept for a holistic approach around music (producing, recording, audio design and development of audio concepts). For more information check out our NEW WEBSITE.

The big benefit for our customers is that products will be available more widespread than before e.g. our CDs will also be available in the US. To provide better service PYRAMIDIS Audio is cooperating with FBP Music, Membran and Believe Digital, well known partners in the music business.

Sneak preview of the new album!

The new album, whose title is not yet finalized is makeing huge progress. After the analytical style of the album "Space and Emotion" the new songs reflect the personal experiences over the past years.
Most of the songs are already in the final mix down. We would like to present some preview tracks and we are interested in your valuable opinion. Just let us know what you think ...


Vocals by Moni Francis.
Music by Mario Buchinger.
Lyrics by Marlene Buchinger.

Produced by Mario Buchinger.

The song is digesting a long and hurtful relationship which ended in fraud and left back many questions, which took time to be answered. The musical idea was created during a night flight over the North Atlantic shortly after the incident happened.
Crossing Bosporus

Guitar by Grallo.
Music by Mario Buchinger.

Produced by Mario Buchinger.

The idea for this title came up during a trip from Istanbul to Bursa, on the ferry from the European to the Asian continent. The song is combining oriental elements (synthetic sitar) with rocking guitars in an unconventional manner.

For music enthusiasts we offer a special limited premium edition of "Space And Emotion".
Check our SHOP-section for details.

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