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Top20 ranking at Aural Moon (US)

At the voting of the Album of the year 2015 at Aural Moon, our album “Emotional Distances” was ranked at no. 13 out of 463 nominated releases.

Video with music by The PYRAMIDIS Project.

They did it again… The photographers of Kasofoto used our music for their commerical and we love to see their pictures. The film is available on Facebook.

Video with music by The PYRAMIDIS Project.

The photographers of Kasofoto accompanied the “Art of Fashion” show in Graz. See a little video about their work with our music at YouTube.

Album announcement in Bezirksblätter.

The far reaching Austrian Newspaper Bezirksblätter printed an announcement for the album release of the next album “Emotional Distances” pointing out that an international music project can also be based in small Austrian villages. Find the complete article here (…).

New webpages online.

On the occasion of the forthcoming release of the next album “Emotional Distances” we have uploaded our new web page with some additional features and full adaption to mobile devices.

The new album is on its way.

Our next and brand new album is completed! The CDs have just left the CD press shop.

The title of the new album is “Emotional Distances” and will contain 11 exciting songs. Compared to the first release “Space And Emotion” it is more orientated to rock sounds and vocal lines. It deals with emotional attitudes experienced by Mario Buchinger within the past years.
Also this time The PYRAMIDIS Project has colaborated with many different musicians. Some of them have already participated in the last album (e.g. Loreno Buss – saxophone, Moni Francis – vocals), some have joined the PYRAMIDIS network the first time.

Check out the latest press release in the MEDIA-section for detailed information.

The Soundtrack for the perfect Skiing Season

Here in the Austrian Alps we are expecting the beginning of the skiing season. We hope that it will be a nice winter with many opportunities for winter sports. The PYRAMIDIS Project contributes the right sounds therefore: The last year released song "Glacier Experience" comes with powerful beats, ambient sounds and great guitar tunes.

On the occasion of the new skiing season we have established a colaboration with the Kühtai ski resort in Tyrol, a place quite close to us. Kühtai Ski Resort is promoting our latest music video "Glacier Experience" on their webpage. Check it out on and book your skiing holiday! Our video can also be watched on Bergfex.

Good Bye Germany, Welcome Austria!

We have moved to our new location! Since beginning of this month we have found a wonderful inspiring place in the Austrian Alps.
However, the contact details have changed partly, but the regularly used communication channels, such as email, will stay the same. Please check the CONTACT-section for details.

The first musical steps which took place within our new location were the final recordings of the forthcoming album. Currently the final mix is close to be finished.

Distribution channels significantly enlarged …

The music of The PYRAMIDIS Project is now available in 125 music stores and therewith in 240 countries worldwide! Together with our new distribution partner Believe Digital we can offer our music digitally in almost every part of the world.

The PYRAMIDIS family is growing!

A new record label named PYRAMIDIS Audio will promote our music from now on. PYRAMIDIS Audio is not just a record label, it is concept for a holistic approach around music (producing, recording, audio design and development of audio concepts, publishing). For more information check out our new website

The big benefit for our customers is that products will be available more widespread than before e.g. our CDs will also be available in the US. To provide better service PYRAMIDIS Audio is colaborating with FBP Music, SoulFood and Believe Digital, well known partners in the music business.

Review by Allgäuer Zeitung

The newspaper checked our album "Space And Emotion" and concluded that it is a well produced and melodic electronic album. See the complete review in German language (…).

Review by Musix

One of the largest music magazines in Germany, Musix, reviewed our album "Space And Emotion" and wrote about spheric soundscapes (…).

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