Lyrics Page "Space And Emotion"

Composed, produced and engineered by
Mario Buchinger

© 2013

Lost Music

(M: Mario Buchinger / T: Mario Buchinger)

it's been the early nineties,
it came around, another mood appeared,
making more money with poor sound,
How to escape from this noise,
chart music bad voice, no sense

lost music,
We've not heard for years,
open your mind and just feel it,
it runs out with tears,
Open your ears and feel fine

making idols by TV-shows,
no talents there,
talking 'bout things they don't know,
good music's hidden anywhere
how to escape from this noise,
chart music bad voice, no sense

lost music, ...

the passion for music,
where is it now,
finding back to real values,
there's a way somehow

lost music ...


(M: Mario Buchinger / T: Mario Buchinger)

here I stay,
observe the world surrounding me
I'm on my way,
improve myself and how I used to be
there're different roads
to the final goal we want to reach
we're making faults,
experiencing means to learn and teach

some are here, some are there
from here to nowhere
who knows how far this could be
fading in fading out
what's all this about
visions help mankind to see

face to face
we're searching for solutions
between all shades,
there are some good contributions
these views in mind,
always used to keep going on
they make you blind
for better ways to turn things on

Some are here, ...

visions can make dreams come true
based on visions we do
help the world to be a better place
it is depending on you (and me)

some are here, ...

Sailing Away

(M: Mario Buchinger / T: Mario Buchinger)

early morning time, the sun is rising
a silent night ends with beauty
along the water's plain light is shining
and it feels so right to be here

our ship is clear, the proud lady
we can't await the time till departure
there is no fear 'bout things that could be
the voyage follows a line that's still unknown

we're sailing away to be free
day after day, across the sea,
feeling the motion and the waves
crossing the ocean on different ways

the harbour walls passed by, we take her to sea
our worthfull ship, the proud lady
there is no where when or why
on such a way like this, there's no time

we're sailing away ...

everywhere we look, there's only water
the only sound we hear, are the wind's voices
the sea may be one's friend but also danger
we have to honor the sea with respect

we're sailing away ...

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